UFO Occupant Sightings
Richard H. Hall

(Based on information contained in The UFO Evidence, Vol. II. Excerpts are reproduced with permission of the author.)

Sightings of UFO occupants have occurred steadily over the years, but tend to increase during sighting waves. By far the most common type is the small humanoid wearing "coveralls" and some kind of headgear, usually round or helmet-like. During close-range encounters with beings outside of their UFO craft, witnesses sometimes have heard unintelligible vocalizations and observed technological "tools." They have been observed "taking samples," "repairing their craft," and engaged in other activities.

Police officer Lonnie Zamora reported seeing two small humanoid beings standing next to a landed craft on April 24. 1964, in Socorro, New Mexico. Since Zamora was a well-known and respected officer, his report helped to legitimize 10 years of prior UFO occupant sightings that had been considered somewhat borderline by many people. His report made headlines nationally and, to some degree, internationally.

Some scattered reports of humanoid beings observed in association with UFOs were made as early as 1947. However, the earliest wave of such sightings occurred in Europe late in 1954, primarily in France and Italy. Major U.S. publications like Life and The New Yorker magazine reported the sightings, though inevitably with tongue-in-cheek commentary.

The reported beings typically were 3-4.5 feet (0.9-1.4 meters) tall and wore coveralls and round, translucent headgear resembling "diver's helmets." Light beams or other electromagnetic energy from the craft (or from the beings) had effects on animals and frequently paralyzed human witnesses. At the same time, vehicle engines and headlights failed. Some sort of aerial craft, usually round or disc-shaped, was observed.

In the spring and summer of 1955 scattered witnesses throughout the southern and midwestern United States reported sightings of UFO occupants. The most famous case occurred on August 21, 1955, near Kelly, Kentucky. Small beings with large heads and prominent ears besieged a farmhouse for hours shortly after the sighting of a descending UFO. 2 The 1955 U.S. sightings were not much like those in France and Italy the year before. As expressed by highly regarded contemporary investigators, Isabel Davis and Ted Bloecher:

"Most of the European and South American cases described beings associated directly with objects [i.e., apparent craft]; in the United States, the beings' association with an actual UFO was uncertain or even absent altogether. In several cases, the entities displayed details of appearance strikingly similar to some of the foreign humanoid reports— small size, large glowing eyes and clawed hands. In other respects, there were some notable differences; for example, none of the domestic reports described the `diving suits' that were so often reported in the French and Italian cases."

Very tight, form-fitting coveralls often are described, and sometimes what appeared to life-support systems. In other cases it seemed that the entities were breathing our atmosphere, or perhaps were robots. Quite a few reports describe backpacks, hoses, or tubes, elaborate headgear, and handheld boxes or instruments, indicating some form of technology analogous to ours.

The next major wave of UFO sightings, late in 1957, was concentrated in the southwestern and central United States, and featured unidentified glowing elliptical objects that landed on roadways in Levelland, Texas, as cars stalled. Scattered reports of UFO occupants came from all over the country during this wave. 3 Similar reports were made occasionally during the early 1960s. Then came Socorro, a growing frequency of UFO sightings in 1965, and, finally, the major UFO sighting wave of 1966-1967. UFO occupant sightings multiplied in these years; some of these are included in table 1.



September 10, 1954 Antoine Mazaud, Mourieras, France 8:50 P.M.
One being of average height, "helmet"-like headgear; cigar-shaped craft; being confronted witness, extended arm and touched him.

September 10, 1954 Marius Dewilde, Quarouble, France 10:30 P.M.
Two beings 3-1/2 ft. tall, coveralls, diver's helmet; dark mass on ground; dog howled, witness blinded by light from craft, paralyzed.

September 17, 1954 Yves David, Cenon (Vienne), France 10:30 P.M.
One being smaller than a man; bicyclist felt shock, paralysis, being touched him on shoulder, uttered unintelligible sound; object on road took off, green light".

September 26, 1954 Mme. Leboeuf, Chabeuil (Drome), France 4:00 P.M.
One being 3 ft. tall, diving suit, helmet, large eyes; flat circular craft; dog barked, being approached, witness fled; circle of crushed foliage found at site.

September 27, 1954 Raymond Romand, Premanon (Jura), France 8:30 P.M.
Two beings, squarish with legs; fiery ball hovered over meadow, light from barn reflected off being, child threw pebbles that struck it with metallic sound; 12-foot circle of flattened grass, imprints, at site".

October 3, 1954 Bernard Devoisin, Rene Coudette, Ligescourt, France 6:45 P.M.
One child-sized being, diver's suit; glowing orange domed disc on road, bicyclists approached, being entered craft and took off.

October 3, 1954 Angelo Girardo, Bressuire, France
One small figure in diver's suit; bicyclist came upon 10-foot disc on ground, being next to it; being entered craft and took off.

October 9, 1954 Roger Barrault, Lavoux, France 7:00 P.M.
One 4-1/2 ft tall being, diver's suit, bright eyes, two lights on chest; bicyclist at dusk encountered being, who disappeared into woods; no craft seen".

October 9, 1954 Gilbert Calda, 12 Pournoy-la- Che live, (Moselle), France 6:30 P.M.
One 4-ft tall being, dark coveralls, large eyes; children roller-skating, shiny round craft landed near them, being emerged, made unintelligible sound; they ran away.

October 11, 1954 Henri Gallois, Louis Vigneron, Clamecy (Nievre), France 4:30 A.M.
Three small figures; en route to a fair, felt shock, paralysis, engine and lights failed; beings entered round craft and took off.

October 11, 1954 Three motorists, Tapignac (Charente, Maritime), France 7:30 P.M.
Four 3-ft tall beings; motorists stopped to watch hovering disc that descended into woods; two entered woods to investigate, saw beings enter domed disc and take off".

October 16, 1954 Dr. Henri Robert, Baillolet (Seine-Inferieure), France nightfall
One 3-ft tall being; one of four circular objects zigzagged down in front of car, witness felt shock,  engine and lights failed; being visible in light from UFO .

October 18, 1954 Marie-L. Bourriot, St.-Point (Doubs), France 10:45 P.M. 
One human in coveralls, two dwarflike beings; luminous object over road, motorcycle almost struck human form, joined by small beings, craft departed; small footprints found.

November 28, 1954 Gustavo Gonzalez, Jose Ponce, Caracas, Venezuela
Three hairy dwarfs with glowing eyes; glowing sphere blocked road; Gonzalez struggled with being which knocked him down, second  emerged, blinded him with light beam.

December 10, 1954     . Lorenzo Flores, Jesus Gomez, Chico, Venezuela nighttime
Four 3-ft tall, hairy, strong beings; UFO like two bowls rim to rim just off ground; beings tried to drag witnesses on board.

May 25, 1955 Robert Hunnicutt, Branch Hill, OH, 3:30 A.M.
Three 3-1/2 ft tall gray beings, wide mouths, lopsided chests; driving home from work, saw beings by road, one held sparkling rod overhead, alfalfa-almond odor; Ground Observer Corps UFO sighting earlier that evening.

July 3, 1955 Margaret Symmonds, Stockton, GA 3:30 A.M.
Four 3-1/2 to 4-ft tall beings, gray garb, long arms, large reddish eyes, pointed chins, small mouths, clawlike hands; beings in road apparently digging with sticks; witness swerved car to avoid hitting them.

August 21-22, 1955 J. C. Sutton family, Kelly, KY. 8:00 P.M.
Two or three 3-1/2 ft tall beings, large heads, big ears, large luminous eyes, long arms, clawlike hands, luminescent torsos; disc-shaped craft landed, dog barked violently, beings approached house one or two at a time, floated at times.

May 10, 1957. Michel Fekete, M. & Mme. Rene Lepot, Beaucort-sur-Ancre, France.10:45 P.M.
Four beings under five feet tall, gray skin or garb, oversized heads; darkness and distance concealed features; bicyclist blinded by light, saw silhouettes of small beings in road, fled; luminous object pulsating from red to white flew away at 45-degree angle.

October 15, 1957 Antonio Villas-Boas, Sao Francisco de Sales, Brazil. 1:00 A.M.
Five small beings, headgear, one female; abducted onto landed disc craft (see section XIII, Abduction Case Summaries)

November 6, 1957 Everett Clark, Dante, TN 6:30 A.M.
Four human-looking beings, unintelligible vocal sounds, entered cigar-shaped craft on ground as if "walking through glass," took off silently; elliptical imprint 5 ft. x 24 ft. found in grass.

November 6, 1957 John Trasco, Everittstown, NJ dusk
One 2-1/2- to 3-ft tall being, green garb, putty-colored face, chin, large bulging eyes; man saw 9- to 12-ft.-long luminous egg-shaped UFO, confronted by being who spoke in broken English.

November 7, 1957 Malvan Stephens, House, MS 7:25 P.M.
Three 4-1/2-ft tall beings, gray garb, dark hair, "pasty white" faces; truck driver blocked by large gray egg-shaped craft on road; door opened, beings emerged, made chattering sound; craft departed straight up at high speed.

December 16, 1957 Mary M. Starr, Old Saybrook, CT 2:00-3:00 A.M.
Two robot-like beings, squarish heads, one arm upraised; visible through windows of 20 to 30 ft long-ellipse hovering near house; craft glowed, windows vanished, took off.

June 26, 1959 Fr. William Gill, Papua, New Guinea 6:45 P.M.

Four "men" illuminated by blue light on top of hovering disc-shaped craft with four legs; responded to waves by witnesses.   

July 13, 1959 Mrs. Frederick, Moreland, Blenheim, New Zealand 5:50 A.M.
Two shiny beings, close-fitting garb, "opaque helmets," visible in dome of hovering disc-shaped craft.


UFO Occupant Sightings, 1964-1967
Major UFO sighting waves in the mid-1960s and in 1973 included dozens of occupant sightings. The 1978 wave included the internationally reported disappearance of a young pilot over Australia during his sighting of a UFO as he was describing it to air traffic controllers.

To what extent do earlier descriptions of UFO occupants match abductee descriptions of their reported captors? In some of the 1954 cases the witnesses saw very large or especially noteworthy eyes through the headgear, and in one case, on October 18, a human-appearing being was seen cooperating with two small humanoids.

On November 6, 1957, in Dante, Tenn., Everett Clark saw beings apparently enter a craft through its side without benefit of a door. Some of these features were reported before abduction reports.

Some speculative questions are these: Were some clues concealed in the numerous occupant reports suggesting a change in the behavior or strategy of the presumed aliens leading up to increasing abductions of human beings? Can a progression of occupant sightings, passive encounters, aggressive encounters, and abductions be traced? Did the growing rate of abductions signal the end of some previous phase of activities?

There have always been sporadic reports of less "humanoid"—even monstrous—beings associated with UFOs in addition to the reported small humanoids. Some were reported to be gigantic and/or grotesque in appearance, but usually there were no confirming examples by independent witnesses in other cases.

Sightings began to increase noticeably early in 1964, for the first time in six or seven years. Then the pace picked up gradually, accelerated in 1965, and remained at an unprecedented high rate throughout 1966 and 1967. Late in 1964 and early in 1965 a flurry of sightings was reported in and around Washington, DC, that attracted the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It was rumored that government officials had been among the witnesses.

Throughout this period high-strangeness cases were common, but often they were high credibility, as well. By the end of 1966 the Air Force Project Blue Book UFO investigation was receiving heavy criticism, Congress was taking a closer look, and an independent scientific study was mandated. Occupant cases during this period often included "coveralls" and helmets or headgear of some kind, elliptical or disc-shaped craft, and face-to-face encounters. A number of examples are listed in table 2.



April 24, 1964 Gary Wilcox, Newark Valley, NY 10:00 A.M.
Two 4-ft.-tall beings, silver-white garb, egg-shaped craft just above ground; beings communicated in English.

April 24, 1964 Lonnie Zamora, Socorro, NM 5:45 P.M.
Two 4-ft.-tall beings, white garb; beings fled into egg-shaped craft when spotted (see section V).

July 16, 1964 Five boys, Conklin, NY afternoon
One 3-ft.-tall being, black garb, helmet, glass-like faceplate; dome-shaped craft seen on ground; whistling sound attracted attention to being perched in tree, who floated to ground.

September 4, 1964 Donald Shrum, Cisco Grove, CA nighttime
Several humanoids plus robots; luminous object landed, beings trapped witness in tree, prolonged confrontation.

November 25, 1964 New Berlin, NY
Twelve humanoids observed at distance after two discs landed on hill; appeared to be engaged in repair operation for hours.

January 19, 1965 William Blackburn, Brands Flats, VA 6:15 P.M.
Three small humanoids floated from hovering craft, confronted witness.

July 1, 1965 Maurice Masse. Valensole, France 5:45 A.M.
Two to three small humanoids, one-piece garb; whistling sound, saw craft and beings; tried to approach, paralyzed. 

September 1, 1965 Huanuco, Peru 5:00 A.M.
One humanoid, large head; oval object landed on estate, being emerged, gestured, reentered craft, took off straight up at high speed.

September 10, 1965 Sao Joao, Pernambuco State, Brazil 8:30 A.M.
Two small, brown-skinned humanoids, one-piece garb; two discs landed, beings emerged, objects rose a few meters, unintelligible vocalizations.

March 23, 1966 Temple, OK 5:05 A.M.
One human-like being and elongated craft with flashing lights encountered on road; being entered it and took off"

February 5, 1967 Milliard, OH evening
Several human-like beings emerged from elliptical craft with three legs, placed small spherical objects around craft.

March 12, 1967 Glens Falls, NY 10:30 P.M.
One being seen moving inside windows of hovering top-shaped craft with lights around circumference".

March 28, 1967 Munroe Falls, OH 2:30 A.M.
Four to five humanoid beings with large heads ran back and forth across road, one hit by car; dents found on car bumper.

April 14, 1967 Melville, NY 9:00 P.M.
One small being appeared in doorway of circular craft that landed beside road, E-M effects on car; soil samples taken.

June 13, 1967 Caledonia, Ontario, Canada 2:30 A.M.
Three 3- to 4-ft tall beings, light-colored clothing, helmets, moved around beneath cigar-shaped craft with windows; physical traces found at site".

July 17, 1967 Belfast, North Ireland evening
Two silver-suited humanoids emerged from craft, entered woods; returned and "drifted" back into craft.

July 20, 1967 Elizabeth Douglas, Titusville, FL 9:15 P.M.
One humanoid visible inside disc with dome, square windows, as craft flew low past house.

July 31, 1967 Sidney Zipkin, Churchville, NY 10:15 P.M.
Two small beings, shiny black garb. Saturn-shaped craft seen near ground in truck headlights; beings boarded, took off straight up.

August 3, 1967 Caracas, Venezuela 11:30 P.M.
One 3-ft tall being, emerged from hovering luminous disc, took gravel samples.

August 23, 1967 Stanley Moxon, Joyceville, Ontario Canada 4:00 A.M.
Three 3- to 4-ft tall beings, white garb, translucent helmets from disc with three legs, gathered specimens (see case summary below).

August 24, 1967 Ron Hyde, Wodonga, Victoria Australia 5:00 P.M.
Two humanoids about five ft. tall, silvery suits, round helmets, emerged from disc with dome; one moved toward witness and gestured, he fled in fear).

August 31, 1967 Cussac, France
Two small beings, black garb, entered disc-shaped craft and took off".

September 15, 1967 Winsted, CT 9:00 P.M.
Three beings about 4'^ ft. tall, large heads, scurried around glowing, pulsating object; light dimmed when cars approached.

September 21, 1967 Jose Edrosa, Barcelona, Spain 1230A.M.
Small beings, large heads, white garb; beings seen moving toward brilliant round object on ground, car lifted, witness in severe shock.

October 24, 1967 Newfield, NY 9:30 P.M.
Two humanoid figures seen in window of saucer-shaped craft (see Dyad case).

November 2, 1967 Guy Tossie, Willie Begay, Ririe, ID 9:30 P.M.
Two small humanoids from disc with dome, aggressive encounter.

November 24, 1967 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2:30 P.M.
Three small white-clad figures around disc with dome, red lights; physical traces found at site".

December 8, 1967 Marilyn Wilding, Idaho Falls, ID 7:40 P.M.
Two humanoid figures visible in disc with dome.

(For case summaries, 1964-1967, see pages 474-482, Vol. II, The UFO Evidence)

UFO Occupant Sightings, 1968-1972
The sighting wave tapered off early in 1968, and it was not until 1973 that the next major wave occurred. Humanoid occupant encounters continued sporadically, but UFO sightings in general received very little publicity. However, the same patterns were evident in the cases reported during these years, as illustrated in table 3.



November 20, 1968 M. Milakovic, Hanbury, UK 5:30 P.M.

Five silhouetted humanoids moving back and forth in dome of luminous UFO.

January 1, 1970 Doreen Kendall, Duncan, B.C., Canada 5:00 A.M.
Two dark beings in tight-fitting garb visible in upper portion of Saturn-shaped object with lights on rim; facial features obscured by headgear.

January 7, 1970 A. Heinonen, Imjarvi, Finland 4:45 P.M.
One small humanoid, thin arms, descended in light beam from hovering disc, rendered witnesses unconscious with "light weapon".

June 27, 1970 Aristeu Machado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 11:40 A.M.
Two small humanoids on rim of Saturn-shaped craft with flashing lights on the underside; craft took off, skimming ocean surface (see section V).

August 16, 1970 Puente de Herrera, Valladolid, Spain 1:00 A.M.
One human-size being, dark tight-fitting garb, entered Saturn-shaped craft, which took off with an intense whistling sound.

April 14, 1971    : D. Donaldson, Gallery, PA 8:00 P.M.
Two silhouetted human-like figures visible in windows of hovering disc (see section VI)

July 19, 1972 Brisbane, Queensland Australia 2:00 A.M.
Six grayish humanoids, faces obscured, standing by roadside near long silvery object; one held up hand as motorist approached.

(Case summaries can be located in Vol. II, The UFO Evidence on pages 483-486)

UFO Occupant Sightings during 1973 Sighting Wave
During the 1973 sighting wave concentrated late in the year, occupant sightings and confrontational encounters were numerous. A number of robot-like or nonhumanoid beings were sighted during this wave, but the "standard" features prevailed, as shown in table 4. 



September 27, 1973 Bedarrides, France 5:30 P.M.

Two 1.2-meter humanoids, slender limbs, black caps, coveralls, with oval craft; UFO took off with whistling sound, sped away.

October 4, 1973 Gary Chopic, Chatsworth, CA early evening
One human-size being, silver suit, elliptical craft with clear dome; saw witness, entered craft and took off.

October 6, 1973 St. Mathias, Quebec, Canada early A.M.
Five small beings, yellow garb, headgear, moved quickly back and forth near dome-shaped craft with body lights.

October 11, 1973 Hickson & Parker, Pascagoula, MS evening
Two robot-like beings, abduction case (see section XIII).

October 12, 1973 Cincinnati, OH 2:30 A.M.
One "apelike" being, featureless, large waist, no neck, visible in dome-shaped object on or near the ground.

October 17, 1973 Paul Brown, Danielsville, GA evening
Two 4- 4-1/2-ft. tall beings, silver garb, emerged from silver egg-shaped craft that descended ahead of car; took off with "whooshing" sound when witness brandished a pistol.

October 17, 1973 Eupora, MS night
One grotesque nonhumanoid creature, flipper-like feet, webbing between legs, appeared from top of dome-shaped object with blue-green flashing lights that landed on road, E-M effects on car.

October 19, 1973 Ashburn, GA 3:30 P.M.
One small being, round helmet, head moved like robot, E-M effects on car; no craft observed".

October 19, 1973 Goshen, OH 9:00 P.M.
Two or three 6-ft tall human-like beings moved around a domed disc resting on tripod legs, entered via ladder, took off with humming sound.

October 19, 1973 Copeland, NC
One 3-ft.-tall humanoid, gold garb, with blue oval object hovering near mobile home; family dog frightened, ran away until next day.

October 22, 1973 Hartford City, IN
Two 4-ft.-tall humanoids, silver garb, seen alongside road three separate times; no UFO seen.

October 23, 1973 Russell Springs, KY
Two 3-ft.-tall beings, reddish color, entered craft (no description), which took off.

October 24, 1973 David Simpson, Dobson, NC
One humanoid, glowing eyes, from oval UFO that landed near car, E-M effects on car".

October 28, 1973 Llanca, Bahia Blanca, Argentina
Three 5-ft tall beings, high foreheads, slanted eyes, gray coveralls, from yellow saucer-shaped craft; abduction case (see section XIII).

(See case summaries in Vol. II, The UFO Evidence)

Occupant Reports since 1973

Sightings continued in Europe—especially southern Europe—into the summer of 1974. Because of incomplete news reporting, the full extent of the wave that began in 1973 may have gone unrecognized. Occupant sightings continued at a fairly high rate throughout the mid- and late 1970s.

An unusual number of detailed cases with many intriguing features were reported during the major wave of 1978. Some of the features were beings descending from craft on ladders or light beams, beings gathering soil and plant samples, and occasional aggressive confrontations with humans that sometimes resulted in injury or illness. The geographical diversity of the sightings is noteworthy: reports came from at least 10 countries on 5 continents.

Occupant reports seemed to decline after 1979. There may be some significance to the fact that an upsurge of abduction cases was occurring in the 1970s just as "old-fashioned" occupant sightings—beings seen in or outside their craft on the ground—seemed to take on a more aggressive character and, then, in the 1980s, apparently became rare and abduction cases proliferated instead. Sightings during this period are included in table 5.



January 7, 1974 Warneton, Belgium 8:40 P.M.
Two humanoids, headgear, approached car from helmet-shaped disc.

March 21, 1974 Valdehijaderos, Salamanca, Spain 2:30 A.M.
Two 6-ft.-tall beings, tight-fitting shiny coveralls, seen after E-M effects on car; beings entered luminous craft and took off.

March 21, 1974 Valdehijaderos, Salamanca, Spain 11:15 P.M.
Two to four beings with disclike craft seen on road, E-M effects on car; beings gestured and moved toward witness, who fled.

April 16, 1974 Mauro Bellingeri, Casale Monferrato, Italy 12:50 A.M.
Three beings with globe-shaped headgear visible within upper portion of disc with central ly     ring and rotating lights (see Dyad cases above).

May 7, 1974 Coatsville, PA 9:00 P.M.
Three small beings, gray skin, clawed hands descended from disc-shaped craft with four legs atop hospital, made squeaky vocal sounds, saw witness, reentered craft and took off.

June 14, 1974 Medellin, Spain 4:30 A.M.
Three tall beings with helmets visible in turret of "pot-shaped" craft hovering over farmhouse, area illuminated "like day".

June 25, 1974 St. Cyrille de Wendover, Quebec, Canada 1:15 A.M.
Fifteen 6-ft.-tall robot-like beings, red lights on chests, floated from hovering domed disc with body lights; physical traces found at site.

September 29, 1974 Mme. Le Bihan, Riec-sur-Belon, Finistere, France 12:45 A.M.
Three 1.7-meter-tall stocky humanoids, round heads, silver garb, from brilliantly lighted dome-shaped object with portholes, swaying back and forth near ground; beings walked heavily, rocking back and forth.

January 12, 1975 George O'Barski, North Bergen, NJ 2:00 A.M.
Eight to ten 3'/i-ft.-tall beings with dark garb, helmets, emerged from underside of low hovering disc with lighted windows, took samples from ground".

February 14, 1975 Antoine Severin, Petite-He, Reunion, France 1:30 P.M.
Four 1- to 1.2-meter-tall beings, metallic white garb, helmets, from domed disc with portholes, directed light beam at witness, who felt a force pulling him, later had headaches and impaired vision; beings poked in ground as if gathering samples.

May 3, 1975 Alois Olenick, San Antonio, TX 9:15 P.M.
Two small humanoids, grayish skin, visible in dome of Saturn-shaped craft (see Dyad cases above).

July 31, 1975 Danie van Graan, Loxton, South Africa 7:30 A.M.
Four 1- to 1.5-meter-tall beings, thin, slanted eyes, light coveralls, hoods, visible inside silver oval with legs; light beam struck witness in face, physiological effects.

October 7, 1975 Utterson, Ontario, Canada 8:30 P.M.
One small, stocky humanoid, round helmet, from metallic ellipse on road; UFO took off as car approached, being beside road vaulted fence and fled.

November 7, 1975 Catskill Park, NY 1:00 A.M.
Four beings with dark eyes, diagonal marks on side of head, surrounded campers, reacted to light, faintly luminous structured craft seen; possible abduction".

February 3, 1977 Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania 9:30 P.M.
One slender humanoid, large round head, seen in window of a dome-shaped, spinning craft with flashing lights".

February 24, 1977 Rudi Grutsch, Langenargen, Lake Constance Germany 2:30 A.M.
Two 1.1- to 1.3-meter-tall humanoids, round heads, slanted eyes, long arms, with hovering elliptical UFOs, bright illumination of area.

July 12, 1977 A. Ordonez, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico 8:30 P.M.
One 3'/2-ft.-tall being, green garb, helmet, backpack, four fingers on hands, seen from balcony, no craft seen; being fled when lights turned on, floating upward".

January 10, 1978 Tom Gould, South Middleton, MA 2:30 P.M.
One 4%-ft.-tall, stocky humanoid, three fingers on hands, with egg-shaped UFO; being stood 90 feet away looking at witness.

February 3, 1978 Janine Home, Seven Mile Beach Tasmania 9:30 P.M.
One thin being with large rounded head, moving back and forth in window of disc with dome, flashing body lights, whining sound heard.

February 4, 1978 Manuel Alvarez, La Florida, San Luis, Argentina 4:30 A.M.
One human-size being, helmet, luminous garb, descended on ladder from hovering disc, waved at fishermen, reentered craft, which took off at high speed.

September 1, 1978 Llanerchymedd, Anglesey, Wales 8:15 P.M.
Three 6-ft.-tall beings, grayish garb, helmets, from white egg-shaped object that illuminated trees brightly, dogs barked furiously, cows fled, depressed circle and swathed path found at site.

September 17, 1978 Riccardo Boscagli, Torrita di Siena, Italy 9:00 P.M.
Two small humanoids, green garb, helmets, floated from domed disc on road, circled car, E-M effects.

September 18, 1978 G. Filiputti, Melaria, Porto Nogaro, Italy 3:30 P.M.
One 1-meter-tall humanoid, silver tight-fitting coveralls, almond eyes, emerged from disc with dome, appeared to be making repairs on rim.

October 2, 1978 Groendal Nature Reserve, South Africa 11:15 A.M.
Three silver-suited beings seen moving with odd gait, traversing hillside in terrain with heavy growth, no craft seen; search found 6 x 18 m oval depression, plus a number of smaller imprints.

October 8, 1978 Deanne Kearns, Ord, NE 2:00 A.M.
Two 5- to 6-ft.-tall beings descended in light beam from hovering UFO shaped like one plate inverted on top of another, loud buzzing sound; beings collected earth and plant samples".

November 24, 1978 Angelo D'Ambros, Gallic, Vicenza, Italy 11:45 A.M.
Two 3-1/2 to 4-ft. tall grotesque beings, yellow skin, prominent veins, huge ears, fanglike teeth, from disc with dome, moved jerkily, seized pruning knife from witness, who felt an electric shock during struggle".

January 3/4, 1979 Meagan Quezet, Mindalore, South Africa midnight
Five or six 1.5-meter-tall beings, human appearing, white coveralls, emerged from truncated egg-shaped craft, high-pitched vocal sounds, reentered and took off with buzzing sound.

August 4, 1979 Canoga Park, CA 10:35 P.M.
Two humanoid beings, large heads, seen inside dome of luminous disc. (See Dyad cases above).

November 19, 1982 Temperanceville, VA 11:10 P.M.
Three humanoid beings seen moving around inside hovering silvery disc, light beam to ground; UFO rose and moved over car with buzzing sound".

January 9, 1987 Jozsa, Hungary 2:30 A.M.
Two beings in dark garb seen, one outside low-hovering disc with central row of windows, one in lighted doorway.

September 1, 1987 Bangor, WA 10:55 P.M.
Two humanoids visible inside hovering round object that moved over children, beamed light onto them.

September 21-27, 1989 Voronezh, Russia 6:30 P.M.
Various roughly humanoid, sometimes robot-like beings, complex series of sightings and occupant encounters.

(See detailed information and case summaries in Vol. II, The UFO Evidence, pages 464-498)

Source: Vol. II, The UFO Evidence, 464-498

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