Category 3 - E-M Cases
Electromagnetic Effects

The NICAP UFO Evidence (1964) listed 106 cases of E-M Effects. Later, CUFOS compiled a list of over 500 incidents. Dr. Richard Haines catalogued 185 involving aircraft, alone. Other Categories, involving Distant Encounters (Cat 1), other Close Encounters (Cat 2), Animal Effects (Cat 4), Medical Effects (Cat 5), Trace Cases (Cat 6), Entities (Cat 7), Photographs (Cat 8), Radar (Cat 9), Radiation (Cat 10), or Sightings From Aircraft (Cat 11), are listed on their appropriate pages at Evidence by Categories. If you find an important E-M case that is NOT listed, please email me at:

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

Fifty-Six Aircraft Pilot Sightings Involving E-M Effects - Richard F. Haines, Ph.D.(1992)
(Special Evidence) Electromagnetic Effects - Richard Hall

The UFO Evidence (106 of the cases listed in link below) - Richard Hall
The UFO Evidence II (more cases listed in link below) - Richard Hall
UFO Interference With Vehicles and Self-Starting Engines - James M. McCampbell (1983)
The Effects of Position and Distance in UFO Ignition-Interference Cases - Donald A. Johnson (????)
Catalog of Australian Vehicle E-M Cases - Keith Basterfield
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UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference (441 Cases) - Mark Rodeghier

This following pages are under construction. The cases listed represent reports in which a distinct UFO was observed at the same time and place that a definite electro-magnetic effect (E-M) such as a car-stalling occurred.

Cat 3 Case Listings - Early Case Up To End Of 1963
Cat 3 Case Listings - Cases From 1964 On

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