Subject:    AFOSI Case 203; Flying Saucers Observed Over Kirtland AFB and Camp Hood
Date:        March 21, 1950
Location:  Over Kirtland AFB, NM and Camp Hood, TX

#1450: 1950/3/21  1:30  30  106:36:0W  35:2:0N  3333  NAM USA NMX  7 11 
Ref# 134 GROSS,L.:UFOs a HISTORY-1950/3 books Book # 1  Page 72 MIL. BASE

Fran Ridge:
Updated 8 Nov. 2013. This is the old case directory, completed at a time when it was thought this incident wasn't in the BB files.  Because of the information contained in it I have decided to retain it in the report files for this case dated March 21, 1950.
Brad Sparks:
The Kirtland-Sandia sightings are in LaPaz's massive catalog of 200+ Unknowns or UAP's of May 1950, at NARA Roll 91 p. 473.  Also more details at Roll 91 around pp. 342-350 or thereabouts. (See "Information on report March 21, 1950...", below)
Someone should really digitize LaPaz's Catalog and integrate it with the AFOSI internal catalogs, Army CIC catalogs, FBI catalogs.  Almost every LaPaz case is an Unknown and you can take that to the bank.  His table covers the Dark Age following Grudge's dormancy when it finished its Final Report circa Aug 10, 1949, and includes everything mysterious in the skies of the Southwest not just green fireballs, hence his term "UAP." 

I would have included these cases in my BB UNK's Catalog long ago except there is too much, it's information overload. 
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