The Roswell "Witness" List
Alphabetical listing of those involved in the Roswell incident (as reported in UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL by Kevin D. Randle and Donald R. Schmitt (Avon, 1991):

Armstrong, Captain 
- Collected pieces of the crash from the Brazels' two years after the crash 

Barnett, Grady L. "Barney" 
- Claimed to have found wreckage and bodies on the Plains of San Agustin, about 120 miles from where Mac Brazel found wreckage. 

Barrowclough, Lt. Colonel Robert 
- Executive Officer of Roswell Army Air Field, Roswell, New Mexico. 

Blanchard, Colonel William 
- Commander, 509th Bomb Group, Roswell Army Air Field. Upon seeing the material collected at the site by Major Jesse A. Marcel, he ordered the roads leading to the crash site blocked, and later made a special trip to the site. 

Brazel, W.W. "Mac" 
- Foreman at the Foster ranch in Lincoln County, near Corona, New mexico. He found the crash site on the ranch. 

Brazel, Bill 
- Son of Mac Brazel and a major witness. 

Briley, Lt. Colonel Joe 
- In mid-July, 1947 he became the Operations Officer at Roswell Army Air Base. 

Brown, Dr. Jerry 
- NASA engineer who had worked at White Sands Missile Range. He speculated that the metal found was Duraluminum alloy or a V-2 rocket. 

Brown, Sergeant Melvin E. 
- Was at the second site, guarding the truck containing alien bodies. He also guarded the hanger at Roswell Army air Field while crates from the site were held there. 

Chavez, Senator Dennis 
- US Senator from New Mexico. He supposedly called Walter Whitmore, Sr. and suggested that he not air the recorded interview with Mac Brazel. 

Clark, Deputy, B.A. 
- Took the initial report from Mac Brazel at the Chaves County sheriff's office. 

Dubose, Colonel Thomas J. 
- Chief of Staff to Brigadier General Roger Ramey. He was photographed in Ramey's office with the "debris." 

Easley, Major Edwin D. 
- Provost Marshal in charge of the troops clearing the crash site. 

Foster, Iris 
- Owned a cafe in Taos, New Mexico. She often heard a man call "Cactus Jack," an amateur archeologist, talk about seeing a downed alien ship. 

Gardner, Mary Ann 
- Nurse at St. Petersburg Hospital, Florida. She heard an archeologist on her deathbed tell about discovering an alien ship and bodies. 

Gardner, Norma 
- Typist with top security clearance at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. She typed autopsy reports on alien beings and saw two bodies. 

Haut, 1st Lieutenant Walter 
- Public Information Officer at Roswell Army Air Field. He was ordered by Colonel Blanchard to issue a press release stating that a flying disc had been recovered. 

Henderson, Captain Oliver W. "Pappy" 
- Member, First Air Transport Unit, Roswell Army Air Field, and co-pilot of the first B-29 flight from Roswell to Fort Worth. He also was the pilot of a C-54 flight carrying wreckage from Roswell to Wright-Patterson Field, Dayton, Ohio. 

Henderson, Sappho 
- Wife of Pappy Henderson. She was told by her husband that he had flown the C-54 to Wright Field. 

Jennings, Colonel Payne 
- Deputy base and group commander at Roswell Army Air Field.  He was the pilot of the first B-29 flight from Roswell to Fort Worth. 

Johnson, J. Bond 
- Staff reporter for the "Fort Worth Star Telegram." He took photographs of the "wreckage" in General Ramey's office. 

Joyce, Frank 
- Reporter and announcer for Roswell radio station KGFL. He interviewed Mac Brazel on the telephone before the military arrived and later told a different story. 

Kaufman, Frank 
- Friend of Warrant Officer Robert Thomas. He said the bodies were sealed in a wooden crate, while still at the hospital. 

Lapaz, Dr. Lincoln 
- Expert in meteorites; degrees in mathematics and astronomy.  He was called in to investigate the crash site. 

Maltais, L.W. "Vern" 
- Said Barney Barnett had told him he had seen bodies in one- piece grey suits, after which archaeologists and the military arrived. 

Marcel, Major Jesse A. 
- Intelligence Officer at Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office. He picked up material at the ranch and later flew it to Fort Worth Army Air Field. 

Marcel, Jesse Jr. 
- Son of Jesse A. Marcel. He saw debris samples that his father brought home and, under hypnosis, was able to recall the designs marking the I-beam. 

McBoyle, Johnny 
- Station Manager of radio station KSWS, Roswell, New Mexico.  He attempted to put the Roswell story out over the wire. 

McGuire, Phyllis 
- Daughter of Sheriff George A. Wilcox. She saw the military arrive very soon after he father called them. 

McQuiddy, Art 
- Editor "Roswell Morning Dispatch". Walter Hunt delivered a press release to him, which other military personnel later tried to retrieve. 

Newton, Warrant Office Irving 
- Weather officer at Fort Worth Army Air Field. He was ordered to General Ramey's office to identify the "wreckage." a Rawin target balloon. 

Parker, Jim 
- Ranch hand of Mac Brazel's. His some came home from school one day in 1988 reported an Air Force truck in the area. 

Payne, Bud 
- Neighbor of Mac Brazel. He had gotten thrown off the Foster ranch by the military while chasing a stray cow. He knew exactly where the crash site was. 

Porter, Sergeant Robert 
- Crewman on the B-29 that flow packages from Roswell Army Air Field to Fort Worth Army Air Field. He claims that Jesse Marcel was on the flight. 

Proctor, Floyd 
- Mac Brazel's nearest neighbor and husband of Loretta Proctor. Brazel came to their house to show them a piece of the metal. 

Proctor, Loretta 
- Mac Brazel's nearest Neighbor and wife of Floyd Proctor. She said she remembers her husband trying to whittle on the metal but failing to make a mark. 

Proctor, Timothy D. 
- Son of Floyd and Loretta Proctor. He found the crash site with Mac Brazel. 

Ramey, Brigadier General Roger 
- Commander, eight Air Force, of which the 509th Bomb Group was a part. 

Rickett, Lewis S. 
- Army counter-intelligence (CIC) agent, who assisted in the retrieval of debris from the crash site. 

Roberts, Jud 
- Minority owner of radio station KGFL, Roswell, New Mexico.  He said the military picked up copies of Haut's press release from the media there. 

Shirkey, Robert 
- Saw wreckage taken by eight or nine men through the Operations Building at Roswell Army Air Field. 

Sleepy, Lydia 
- Secretary to Merle Tucker in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was ordered over the telephone to stop transmitting the crash story. 

Smith, Sergeant Robert E. 
- Member of the First Air Transport Unit at Roswell Army Air Field. He spent an entire day loading three aircraft with the material from the crash site. 

Strickland, Lymann 
- Neighbor of Mac Brazel. He saw Brazel in Roswell being escorted out of the newspaper offices by three military officers. 

Strickland, Marian 
- Neighbor of Mac Brazel, wife of Lymann Strickland. An upset Brazel visited them after his release from custody at Roswell Army Air Field. 

Thomas, Robert 
- Warrant Officer who came in on a special flight to assist in recovery of debris. 

Tucker, Merle 
- Owner of several New Mexico radio stations. He arrived back from out of town to find that his Roswell station manager had tried to put the crash story out over the wire. 

Tyree, Tommy 
- Hand for Mac Brazel. He began to work about one month after the crash and remembers that Brazel was irritated because the sheep would not cross the debris field and had to be driven the long way 
around to water. 

Whitmore, Walter Sr. 
- Majority owner of radio station KGFL in Roswell, New Mexico.  He hid Mac Brazel from the Military. 

Wilcox, Sheriff George A. 
- Sheriff of Chaves County, in which Roswell is located. Mac Brazel showed him a piece of the debris and he suggested Brazel contact the military. 

Wilmot, Dan 
- Resident of Roswell, N.M. He and his wife saw an oval- shaped object fly over their house on July 2, 1947, the probable date of the crash. 

Zorn, Vernon D. 
- Non-commissioned officer in charge of the Third Photo Unit at Roswell Army Air Field. He said no photos of the crash site were taken by his men. 

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