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The Roswell Incident
July 2, 1947
Roswell, New Mexico

April 30, 2009; Updated March 29, 2015
Fran Ridge:

July 2, 1947; Roswell, New Mexico
I have always held that something extremely unusual happened at Roswell, something that was recognized as such by people in the know in July of 1947. I cannot believe for one minute that this was a balloon or cluster of balloons. A five-year-old may have wondered what the alleged balloons were used for, but would not have mistaken the materials, all off-the-shelf items of the day. There is a lot more to the story than I can mention at present, but the NICAP site will provide the reader with all the material and links that are worth mentioning and possible to list at this time.

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The Roswell Incident (CUFOS): includes....

The Roswell Case Summary, The Whole Story, Rebuttal to the Air Force's Roswell Report Case Closed, The Glue Explanation Just Won't Stick, An Engineer Looks at the Project Mogul Hypothesis, A Conversation with Jesse Marcel, Jr., SOM 1-01 Manual: Alleged MJ-12 Document, Roswell: 52 Years of Unanswered Questions

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