January 1999

Milestone in UFO studies published on floppy disc

More than two decades ago, the author introduced a new and fruitful approach to analyzing UFO reports in a book, UFO/ogy, New Insights From Science And Common Sense. The basic idea was to focus upon the unusual and puzzling phenomena that were observed, then search for scientific explanations. Experimental data published in the literature of mainstream science was used to convert general concepts into detailed descriptions. It was sometimes possible to reproduce the effects in simple experiments on a work bench. The specific, physical processes established, beyond doubt, the nature of complex, electromagnetic fields surrounding UFOs that are artifacts of their propulsion system. Research continued along this line with periodic communiqués over the ensuing years. Findings were released in many articles in UFO journals and presentations in scientific and public forums. Most of that work never reached a large audience and subsequently became buried in a limited number of out-of-print documents that were usually filed away and eventually tossed out.

Many people who have become interested in UFOs during recent years have no idea of the amount of progress that has been made in understanding UFOs. For that reason, the author has compiled most of his writings onto an IBM 3 ½ " diskette. The text was written in the WRITE program of Microsoft Windows 3.1 that is easily read directly or with most word processors. Some chapters delve into rather obscure, technical areas but are written so that the general reader can follow the arguments. Scientific veracity, however, is preserved to challenge the most critical professional. in addition, several essays are included on social issues arising from UFOs.

Chapters on general problems include Scientific Challenge, Interpreting Reports, Hot Rings, and Ripples. Disruption of vehicles is covered in Engine Interference, Self-Starting, Diesels, and Batteries. Radio Effects provide quantitative data on Fadeout, Silence, and unassisted Station Changes. Human body changes are Sounds, Odors, Tastes, and Paralysis. Social questions are addressed on Attitudes of Scientists, Public Opinion, Communication with ETs, and UFO influence upon society at large.

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James M. McCampbell
Director of Research, 1975-93
Mutual UFO Network, Inc.