Wobble on Axis
Date Location Description
6-23-47 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 10 shiny discs "fluttering along in a string."
7-6-47 Fairfield-Suisan AFB, California USAF pilot saw UFO "oscillating on lateral axis."
7-8-47 Rogers Dry Lake, California Round, metallic UFO; "rotation or slow oscillation" while moving
slowly. [Section II]
7-10-47 Southern New Mexico Elliptical UFO sighted by astronomer "wobbled" while moving.
[Section II]
7-12-47 Utah Lake, Utah Group of discs fluttered and stabilized alternatively.
Summer 1948 Erie, Pennsylvania Disc wobbled while flying straight course; (accelerated and
climbed away). [Section VI]
7-26-49 Mitchell, Nebraska Saucer-shaped UFO whirling, "occasionally tipping."
4-9-50 Shelby, North Carolina Round, aluminum-like UFO wobbled along on course for 3
minutes, then shot straight up.
10-51 Anderson, Indiana Large group of discs individually tilted back and forth in unison.
3-29-52 Misawa, Japan USAF pilot observed small disc near plane which fluttered,
"rocked back and forth in 40-degree banks" while moving slowly.
[Section I]
4-5-52 Hensley AFB, Texas Circular, metallic object moving at high speed, "wobbled" in flight.
4-17-52 Cassopolis, Michigan Oval-shaped UFO moving at high speed with "wobbling motion."
5-13-52 Greenville, South Carolina Several oval-shaped UFOs in diamond formation "wobbled in flight."
8-1-52 Sharonville, Ohio Brilliant, milk-white disc flying slowly, with "tendency to wobble."
8-14-52 Coral Gables, Florida Bright white luminous object with orange ring, hovered; wobbled
back and forth every few seconds.
9-9-52 Portland, Oregon Two oval or disc-shaped UFOs hovering; one wobbled.
9-20-52 Topcliffe, England Silver disc rotated and wobbled. [Operation Mainbrace
Chronology, this section]
9-9-54 Nelson, New England Three discs hovered, wobbled, rose at high speed.
[Section VIII; Photographs]
3-2-55 Tucson, Arizona Elongated UFO passed overhead with "loping or rocking motion."
3-28-55 Joseph City, Arizona Large group of UFOs maneuvering like jets in a dogfight, split up,
began moving with "strange fluttering motion."
7-26-55 Washington, D.C. Round UFO approached airport, hovered, and oscillated before
speeding away.
3-20-56 Washington, D.C. Three discs, silvery-white; tilted in "wobbling" motion, moved up
and down.
7-56 Washington, D.C. Three discs, one with "a pronounced wobble," leaving visible trails
and flying "in definite formation."
7-14-56 Arlington, Virginia Amateur astronomers watched object larger than stars or planets
for four minutes; object had "wobbling motion."
8-20-56 Citrus Heights, California Large group of Saturn-shaped UFOs in rough semi-circle
formation, individually wobbling.
12-18-56 Barberton, Ohio UFOs arced across sky from east to west; when it slowed and
hovered "it wobbled and had erratic movement."
7-57 Azusa, California Disc-shaped UFO with row of amber lights on rim descended
with wobbling motion.
8-15-57 Woodland Hills, California Disc hovered 6 minutes, rocked from side to side and rose
straight up out of sight. [Section IV]
11-29-57 Sarasota, Florida Round orange object "wobbled" and hovered for about 2 minutes,
moved away.
5-5-58 San Carlos, Uruguay Brilliant, top-shaped UFO approached, stopped; "rocked twice"
before speeding away. [Section X]
11-8-59 Biloxi, Mississippi Disc-like UFO; edges "flipped or fluttered" as it flew steady course
{later, spiraled, turned sharply.)
2-16-60 Laguna Beach, California Oval UFO "wobbled...on an axis through its center and at right
angles to its course" as it slowed down approaching a second
UFO. [Section VII]
10-2-61 Salt Lake City, Utah Disc-shaped UFO seen by pilot, hovered "with slight rocking
motion." [Section I]
7-9-62 West New York, New Jersey Disc with rotating central ring "hovered with swaying motion."