Radar Cases
G = Ground RadarV=Visual Sighting
A = Airborne RadarP=Photograph
Code Date & Location Description Speed Altitude Sources &
G Summer, 1948
Goose Bay,
USAF and RCAF Radar indepen-
dently tracked unidentified target.
9000 mph. 60,000 ft. [Details this section]
A, V October 15, 1948
Air Force F-61 night interceptor
tracked and saw visually UFO
shaped "like a rifle bullet. "On
one pass, F-61 got close enough
to see silhouette 20-30 ft. long.
Abt. 200 mph.
Accel. To est.
1200 mph.
5000 -
6000 ft.
G November 1, 1948
Goose Bay,
UFO tracked. 600 mph. [8]
G November 6, 1948
Air Force radar tracked two
maneuvering UFOs for over an
hour. On scope, looked like two
planes dogfighting.
G, V November 23, 1948
UFO tracked, reddish star-like
object observed visually. Climbed
23,000 feet in few minutes.
900 mph. [10]
G Fall 1949
Key atomic base
Five UFOs in formation clocked
covering 300 miles in les than
4 minutes.
4500 mph.
G, V February 22, 1950
Key West, Fla.
Two glowing objects sped over
Naval Air Station
[Section IV]
G, V March 8, 1950
Dayton, Ohio
Two F-51 pilots saw "huge and
metallic" UFO which ground radar
detected. Object gave solid
"blip", climbed vertically
15,000 ft. [12]
A, V July 11, 1950
nr. Osceola, Arkansas
Disc-shaped UFO sighting visual-
ly by Navy pilots, tracked by Air-
borne radar.
200 mph. Est 8000 ft. [Section IV]
G, V, P July 14, 1951
White Sands,
New Mexico
UFO sped near B-29, tracked on
radar; 200 ft. of 35 mm film re-
portedly shows bright round spot.
G, V July 23, 1951
March Field,
UFO tracked on radar, pilots saw
silvery object circling above them.
50,000 ft. [14]
G August 26, 1951
Washington State
Two radar sets tracked UFO
headed northwest.
900 mph. [15]
G, A Fall 1951
Korean area
Over 14 Navy radar sets tracked
UFO circling above fleet.
(signed report at NICAP)
Slow to over
1000 mph.
5000 ft. [Details this
G, A January 22, 1952
Three F-94s scrambled to inter-
cept radar target; UFO maneu-
vered, ground radar saw object
streak away to west.
1500 mph. 23,000 ft. [16]
G June 1, 1952
Los Angeles, Cal.
Hughes aircraft radar tracked
UFO which climbed at 35,000 ft.
per min., leveled off, dove, pulled
out, and headed southeast.
180-550 mph. 11,000 ft. [17]
G, V June 19, 1952
Goose Bay, Labrador
Red-lighted object approached base,
radar blip enlarged as object
seemed to wobble.
G, V July 1, 1952
Ft. Monmouth,
New Jersey
Two shiny objects tracked; moved
slowly, hovered, burst of speed
to southwest. Coincided with
other visual observations
Slow -
burst of
50,000 ft. [19]
G, V July 10, 1952
Near Korea
Canadian destroyer tracked two
shiny discs; calculated altitude of
2 miles, 7 miles from ship.
2 miles [20]
G, V July 19/20, 1952
Washington, D.C.
UFOs tracked by CAA and Air
Force radar; some visual
sightings coinciding.
"On the order
of 7500 mph."
(Air Force "fact
[Section XII;
July 1952 Chron-
G July 21, 1952
Dobbins AFB, Ga.
UFO tracked at 10:30 am. 1200 mph. Abt.
50,000 ft.
G, A, V July 23, 1952
Braintree, Mass.
F-94 pilot obtained radar lock-on
while chasing blue-green light
which circled at high speed.
G, V July 26/27, 1952
Washington, D.C.
Series of radar-visual sightings
involving CAA airline and Air
Force pilots.
Some "slow-
moving, some
[Section XII;
July 1952 Chron-
G, A, V July 26, 1952
F-94 interceptor obtained radar
lock-on, UFO kept pulling away.
Visually appeared as large
yellow-orange light.
Slow to
"terrific speed"
G, V July 28, 1952
Wisconsin - -
USAF jets chased UFO tracked
by ground radar, UFOs sped up
and evaded interceptors.
60 to over
600 mph.
[24] Band of lights or "ports" [Section I]
G July 28/29, 1952
Washington, D.C.
Eight to twelve UFOs tracked
at one time on CAA radar; airline
pilot investigated, saw nothing
but CAA said targets disappeared
from screen when plane was in
their area, then came in behind
[Section XII;
July 1952 Chron-
G, A, V July 29, 1952
F-94s attempted to intercept
radar target, observed visually
as flashing red and green light,
then solid white. (From USAF
Intelligence Report)
635 mph. 30.000 ft. [25]
G, V Summer 1952
MacDill AFB,
UFO target tracked at base. Air
Force bomber in area investigated,
saw maneuverable egg-shaped
400 knots
(460 mph.)
40,000 ft. [Section III]
G, V, P August 1, 1952
AFB, Ohio
UFO tracked, seen visually and
photographed by F-86 pilot.
480 mph Above
40.000 ft.
G, V August 3, 1952
Hamilton AFB,
Two silver discs "dogfighting"
joined by six others, took diamond
formation and sped away as jets
G, A, V August 5, 1952
Haneda AFB, Japan
Circular UFO tracked; ap-
proached field and hovered
visible from control tower. Sped
away dividing into 3 parts.
300 knots [28]
G August 20, 1952
Congaree AFB, S.C.
Air Defense Command radar
tracked UFO 60 miles from base.
4000 mph
G During period of
9-51 to 11-52
Prominent east coast
AF base.
Confidential report, certified by
NICAP Board Member, Rev. Albert
Baller. Moving object tracked
about 15 miles from base. Stopped
for long period of time, vanished as
plane approached.
[Details this
G November 25/26, 1952
Panama Canal
Two UFOs tracked by defense
A, V December 6, 1952
Gulf of Mexico
B-29 crew tracked several
small, one large, object; saw
speeding lights coinciding with
radar targets.
5240 -
9000 mph.
18,000 ft. [31]
A, V December 10, 1952
Nr Hanford, Wash.
F-94 obtained radar lock-on;
UFO seen as round, white, with
A, V December 16, 1952
Goose Bay, Labrador
F-94 obtained radar lock-on;
UFO observed visually as red light
changing to white during maneuvers.
A, V December 29, 1952
UFO spotted by B-29 crew, tracked
on radar. Jet pilot investigated,
saw rotating lights on UFO and
three fixed beams of light from it.
35,000 ft. [34]
A, V January 9, 1953
Second "rotating lights" case,
similar to above.
G, V January 26, 1953
New Mexico
Bright red-white UFO, official
"unknown." Traveled steadily
into the wind.
12-15 knots
(abt. 17 mph.)
10,000 -
15,000 ft.
G, V January 28, 1953
Nr Albany, GA.
Ground radar tracked UFO, inter-
ceptor pilot saw circular object,
UFO traveled slowly; radar indicated
it sped up as interceptor neared.
30.000 ft.
G, V February 7, 1953
Korean area
F-94 scrambled after radar target,
pilot saw UFO as bright orange
light which changed altitude, sped
A, V February 13, 1953
Fort Worth, Texas
Radar-visual sighting by B-36
G May 23, 1953
Cape, So. Africa
Air Force radar tracked UFO on
six passes.
1250 mph.
5000 -
15,000 ft.
G, V Summer 1953
Yaak, Montana
Six UFOs observed visually and
tracked by USAF radar site; ob-
jects changed formation repeated-
1400 -
1600 mph.
[Details this
G, A
V, P
August 12, 1953
Rapid City, So. Dak.
Official "unknown". Cat-and-mouse
jet chase. UFO fled, turned back
and followed jet. Gun camera
photo showed image.
Hover -
over 500
16,000 ft. [40]
G, V November 3, 1953
London, England
Circular, flattened white UFO
tracked, seen by telescope, also
by interceptor pilots.
G November 23, 1953
Kinross AFB,
F-89 lost pursuing unidentified
radar target, blip of aircraft seen
to merge with UFO blip. No trace
ever found.
G, V May 13, 1954
Washington, D.C.
Several large glowing objects seen
by National Airport police;
tracked on airport radar.
Hover - abt.
200 mph.
80,000 ft.
G, V June 30, 1954
Brookley AFB,
Silvery UFO tracked, observed
visually from base tower. Con-
firmed by base PIO, Maj. James
G, V July 3, 1954
New Mexico
Nine green spheres hovered, sped
away. Tracked by radar.
2600 mph.
24,000 ft. [45]
G, V August 28, 1954
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
Fifteen UFOs in triangle forma-
tion tracked on radar, chased by
jets; changed to semi-circle for-
mation and sped away.
G, A, V August or September
White Plains, N.Y.
Circular UFO tracked across N.Y.
by GOC, Air Force radar.
45,000 ft.
[Section VII]
G, V September 17, 1954
Rome, Italy
Italian Air Force radar tracked
disc-like UFO seen by thousands.
150 mph.;
burst of
3600 ft. [47]
G, V November 12, 1954
Kentucky, (Indiana,
Air Force interceptors chased
spherical object seen over tri-
state area; also followed by
G, V December 15, 1954
Nr Nowra,
Royal Australian Navy pilot re-
turning to base, joined by two
"strange aircraft resembling
flying saucers. "Ground radar
showed his Seafury, when pilot
identified self by moving according
to pattern, and also two other
G, V August 23, 1955
Cincinnati, Ohio
SAC radar detected UFO's Jets en-
gaged in dogfight with three circular
[Section VII]
G, V December 11, 1955
Nr Jacksonville, Fla.
Navy Jets in dogfight with UFO, con-
firmed on radar.
[Section IV]
G, V February 7, 1956
Paris, France
Orly Airport radar tracked UFO,
larger than commercial airliner.
Observed by Air France pilot as
blinking red light. UFO maneuvered
erratically, alternately hovering and
moving with jet-like bursts of speed.
G, V July 19, 1956
Hutchinson, Kansas
Naval Air Station tracked UFO, ob-
served visually by State Police and
pilots as erratically moving tear-
drop shaped object.
G, V July 29, 1956
Pasadena, California
GOC spotters sighted brilliant white
UFO, tracked by Air Defense Com-
mand radar. GOC said UFO appeared
to stop, then speed up again "faster
than a conventional airplane.
[Section VII]
G Aug.-Sept., 1956
Bornholm Island,
Report September 11 that NATO
radar had been tracking UFOs for
three weeks, curving over Baltic
2000 -
3500 mph.
G, V September 4, 1956
Copenhagen, Denmark
Several "fireball"-like UFOs flew
over, tracked by radar.
3000 km/h
(abt. 1800
5000 meters [53]
G November 8, 1956
Miami, Florida
Donald Freestone, Pan American
master radar mechanic, tracked
UFO maneuvering like "aerial
tag" over tip of Florida. (Bendix
RDR-1A weather radar.) "It had
a definite shape and moved on a
definite course so is not believed to
Hover -
4000 mph.
7000 -
8000 ft.
have been a freak weather return."
Object 4-5 times larger than any
know aircraft.
G, A, V November 25, 1956
Hot Springs,
So. Dakota
Series of UFO sightings, one by
state police of circular object
swaying back and forth across
road. Objects detected by radar,
jets scrambled from Ellsworth
A, V December 1956
Far East
USAF jet tracking UFO, radar
jammed by interference; changed
frequency and picked up UFO again,
saw circular object climb away.
3600 mph. Below
10,000 ft.
[Section I]
G, V March 23, 1957
Long Beach, Calif.
Four UFOs tracked by CAA radar,
(Confidential report certified by 6
NICAP Board Members). Coincided
with visual reports by GOC, police
and Oxnard AFB.
[Details this
A, V March 29, 1957 Pan American Airways flight #206A,
saw pulsating UFO, radar target
[Section V]
G April 4, 1957
Three radar posts tracked UFO
which dove and circled. Wing
Cdr. W.P. Whitworth (at
Scotish base): "Quite definitely
this was no freak .It was an object
of some substance and no mistake
could be made."
60,000 to
14,000 ft.
G, V October 21 or 29, 1957
Nr London, England
UFO sighted visually by pilot near
atomic base, tracked by ground
radar, dimmed lights and sped away.
G, V November 5, 1957
Gulf of Mexico
Coast Guard Cutter Sebago
tracked UFO, brief visual sighting
from deck.
1020 mph [Details this
G, V December 12, 1957
Tokyo, Japan
GCI radar tracked UFO seen by
ground observers as vari-colored
object, jets scrambled.
G March 8, 1058
USAF radar site tracked slowly de-
scending UFO.
77,000 -
25,000 ft.
G, V Summer 1958
Air Force Base,
SW United States
Two maneuverable UFOs tracked,
evaded jet interceptors.
G November, 1958
Dewline radar
UFO descended from maximum alt.
range of radar, moved horizontally
for 100 miles, ascended vertically.
500 knots
{abt. 575
G, V January 23, 1959
Panama Canal
Bright silvery object arced across
sky, tracked by U.S. radar.
G, V September 24, 1959
Redmond, Oregon
Air Force radar site reportedly
tracked UFO, observed visually by
FAA personnel at airport as disc-
shaped object.
[Section V,
G, V August 13, 1960
Red Bluff,
State Police observed egg-shaped UFO
reported USAF radar site confirmed
tracking it.
[Section VII,
G January 1961
Exeter, England;
Edinburgh, Scotland
Large, bright shining UFO observed
at Exeter airport, tracked on radar.
Cigar-object and speeding light ob-
served over Edinburgh twice during
preceding night.
Hovered 50,000 ft. [65]
G, V July 5, 1961
Akron, Ohio
Former AF pilot saw maneuvering
glowing UFO, also tracked by FAA
radar at Cleveland airport.
[Section V]
G, A, V January 29, 1962
Eastern Holland
Royal Dutch Air Force jet intercep-
tor chased UFO detected by ground and
airborne radar, and visually.
[Section X]