Dan Wilson was born in 1951 and lives in Painesville, Ohio. He began studying nuclear weapons, the entire nuclear weapons complex, nuclear weapons testing, and nuclear power production in 1988. He has read extensively on the UFO phenomena and has interviewed various witnesses from the Air Force, Navy, and the Atomic Energy Commission. He contributed very interesting information to the newly released book, UFOs and Nukes, by Robert Hastings. Since 1998 he had extracted thousands of vital documents from the Project Blue Book Archives for the NICAP site and discovered many new reports that others have been able to add to the collection of BB unknowns. What most people did not know was that he had done all of this from a computer at the local library! It wasn't long after finding this that we were able to buy him his own personal computer. Since 2003 he had provided valuable researched information regarding UFOs and the nuclear connection and was an official member of the Nuclear Connection Project. In 2006 when I re-opened the Mantell case, Dan discovered documents that proved that the object identified as the source of the incident was over 400 miles away when encountered by Mantell. With the help of numerous members of NICAP's A-Team, including Jean Waskiewicz, Brad Sparks, Barry Greenwood, Mary Castnor and others, we were able to produce a major investigative report* with an analysis by Brad Sparks proving a cover-up in the Mantell case.  Dan had been working on UFO cases involving UFOs and aircraft accidents and I created a folder on the site called /aca/.

On Jan 27, 2015, I received the last email from Dan Wilson. After months of harassment by unknown sources his computer had been hacked in December and by now it had been destroyed. Only Robert Hastings may know of what happened after that. (Fran Ridge)

The Mantell case Directory
The Mantell_Incident. An Anatomy of an Investifation: A 60-Year-Old Cover-Up (Fran Ridge) *