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Distant Encounters may seem less interesting at first, but many times they augment the value of other incidents.  Technically speaking, though, these are cases where the object is farther than 500' and where depth perception doesn't increase the value with large objects.  Some of best UFO encounters are considered distant only by definition.

Diamond Formation of 4 Objects Observed By Astronomers
May 13, 1952
Greenville, South Carolina

Fran Ridge:
This is apparently case #2 of Major Dewey Fournet's "motions study" UFOs cases as presented to the Robertson Panel in January of 1953, whereby he deduced that UFOs were guided by intelligence and the flight characteristics indicated that the intelligence was beyond "us". It is alsocase #15, on the official clearance list. of 41 formerly classified Air Technical Intelligence UFO reports cleared for Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe by Albert M. Chop, Air Force Press Desk.

Brad Sparks:
May 13, 1952; Greenville, So. Carolina (BBU)
10:33 p.m. (EST). Mr. James Richardson and 3 other amateur astronomers set up telescopes at dark area of Furman University when they saw a diamond formation of 4 oval reddish-yellow or reddish-brown luminous objects nearly overhead and disappeared after 3 secs motion through 12° arc [or at 12° elevation?]. Apparent size of half dollar at arms length, 1/.4 turned and wobbling in flight. (BB Status Rpt; FUFOR Index)

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