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Unknown Tracked At 1800 MPH
May 25, 1952
Tierra Amarilla AFS, New Mexico

Dan Wilson:
May 25, 1952; Tierra Amarilla AFS, New Mexico
9:58 a.m. An unidentified object was detected on radar at 106 degrees 16' Long. 35 degrees 47' Lat. The object was painted at 145 degrees azimuth at a distance of 61 miles. The object painted again on the third sweep at 145 degrees at 51 miles. The object did not paint on the fourth sweep of the radar. On the fifth sweep the object painted at 145 degrees at 41 miles. The total time of observation was 40 seconds.

Brad Sparks:
This seems like interference with another radar, maybe in NM or Texas, only detected because anomalous propagation on this one date and time allowed an exceptionally long-range transmission when normally mountains and earth's curvature would block such inteference, and only on this one date and time the two radars antennas coincidentally happened to be aimed at each other.  With the interfering radar's rotating antenna apparently rotating once every 20 seconds the CPS-5 radar here (with a 10-sec rotation rate) picks up a blip only once every 20 secs.  So the CPS-5 only picked up the blips on the 1st, 3rd and 5th sweeps, but failed to pick them up on the 2nd and 4th sweeps. Azimuth was the same 145 degs (roughly to the SE) on each each paint and the "distance" was the same uniform amount -- 61 then 51 then 41 "miles."  Presumably the Ap conditions changed before the 7th sweep so nothing was seen at 31 "miles."  No visual observation of any actual object.

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