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Egg-Shaped Object & E-M Effects Over Bridge
October 26, 1958
Loch Raven Dam, Baltimore, Maryland

Brad Sparks:
October 26, 1958; Loch Raven Dam, Maryland (BBU 6148)
10:30 p.m. Phillip Small and Alvin Cohen saw a large, flat egg-shaped object, flying low about 100-150 ft above the bridge, which affected their car's electrical system and caused a burning sensation, rose vertically and disappeared in 5-10 secs. (Hynek UFO Exp ch. 9, case CEII-4)

Fran Ridge:
Although Dan Wilson was able to find 40 Blue Book documents, I was surprised at the the lack of good source information for such a good case. Hopefully our team will locate commentaries by Hynek and McDonald and others.

Dan Wilson:
This sighting took place 3-1/2 miles southwest of the BA-03 Nike Site, armed with nuclear tipped Hercules missiles

Detailed reports and documents
reports/581026lochravendam_report2.htm [Detailed] (Hynek?)
reports/581026lochravendam_report1.htm (Dan Wilson)
reports/581026lochravendam_report3.htm [Nuclear Connection](Dan Wilson)

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