Case Directory - Category: 1; Distant Sighting
Subject:    AFOSI Case 15; Green Fireball Lights Up Cloud Between Itself and the Witness
Date:        December 28, 1948
Location:  Los Alamos, NM

Francis Ridge:
This report is not an original BB unknown, nor has it been included in the Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns by Brad Sparks. The documents below give the details of two incidents, but basically this is what the witness reported for December 28:

An inspector at Los Alamos sighted a fireball on 28 December. It was not falling as fast as a falling star (meteor) he continued to watch. For several seconds, at an estimated altitude of 6,000', the object disappeared with a green flash, lighting up a small cloud between itself and the witness.

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Dec 28, 1948; Los Alamos, NM. OSI Case 15 - BB Microfilm - Dan Wilson
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