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Chapeau, Quebec, Canada
May 11, 1969

[Note regarding location.—Hynek (1972) gives the location as Chapeau in Quebec.  Keyhoe and Lore (1969) give the location as 2 miles northeast of Pembroke, Ontario. Pembroke is on the boundary between Quebec and Ontario, so both statements are correct.  I have used the actual sighting location (from Hynek) here.-jw]

Animal Reaction Feature:
Awakened on his 10 acre farm at 2 a.m. by the barking of his dog, Leo Chaput looked out and saw an intense light source about 600 feet away and not more than 15 feet above the ground.  A soft purring sound was reported, but it is not clear if it was heard throughout or only at the end of the event.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
Leo Chaput, a pulp mill worker, went outside after seeing the light as described above.
The surrounding area, including his house, were illuminated, and he could see his shadow on the house. The light was so bright, Chaput had to turn his eyes away.  

Keyhoe and Lore (1969) report the light revealed a dome-shaped object with a flat bottom [within the light or illuminated by the light?—jw] and that it was emitting a “soft purring…”

The light vanished.

Hynek (1972) reports that when the light vanished, Chaput heard a soft purring sound receding into the distance.

Physical effects were found the next day, including impressions in the ground, scorching on the ground, and some burned trees.

No EM effects or physiological effects were reported.

Hynek, J. Allen, 1972, The UFO Experience, New York, Ballantine Books, pages 153-154 and 270.
Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, 1969, Strange Effects from UFOs,  Washington, D.C., NICAP, page 45.

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