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Syracuse, Indiana
July 13, 1993

Animal Reaction Feature:
Dogs howled, in the same manner as they did when they heard a siren or a passing train, as a large dark cigar shaped object with bright red lights and a “dynamo” humming sound moved about at treetop level.   The object was estimated to be 600 feet away from the witness.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
This is part of the several reports of red lights in the same area and time (see AR report for Ligonier, Indiana, 7-13-93).

The location is in a farm/wooded area. At 9:15 pm, partly cloudy skies, the witness, 65, one time pilot, heard a humming sound and went into his backyard where he saw a cigar- shaped object with red lights.  The object was moving slowly west. It hovered, rose 50-70 feet, turned, then drifted north, passing in front of trees, and then behind trees and out of sight.  The object was estimated to be 600 feet from the witness at its nearest point.

The object was a dark gray cigar with a steady bright red light off either end.  No connection (between lights and cigar) could be seen; however, the cigar and lights all turned and moved in unison.  The object was estimated to be 280 feet long (larger than a shed which it flew over) and 25 feet thick.  Its lowest elevation was 20 degrees, and it was seen for about 7 minutes.

No EM effects were reported.  The witness broke out in hives and was light-headed for 4 days after the sighting.

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