Close Range Reports & Structural Details
Bengough, Saskatchewan
February 19, 1968

Disc emmitting high-pitched whine maneuvered around farm,
frightened animals

The report which follows was personally checked by a  NICAP investigator.  The witness was known locally as thoroughly reliable.

Mrs. Martha Heggs, a Canadian farmwife living five miles west of Bengough, Saskatchewan, was at work in her kitchen shortly before noon on February 19, 1968, when she became acutely conscious of a high-pitched whine, the intensity of which was penetrating to a degree similar to a mild physical electric shock, causing a tingling sensation throughout her body.  Looking out her kitchen window, which faces on the south, Mr. Heggs saw an object approximately 100 yards to the south of the house, immediately above and circling around a 29-foot pole with an electrical transformer on it.

This object, seen very clearly and distinctly at close range, consisted of a base approximately eight feet wide appearing like two saucers placed edge-to-edge, surmounted by a dome about four feet wide.  A series of ports, round on top, extended straight down to the base of the dome.  Atop the dome was a smaller structure, above which was an antenna-like superstructure topped with a small sphere.  (See diagram, p. 000).  The color of the body of the UFO was dull aluminum; the second-story dome was entirely vented, in appearance somewhat similar to a radiator grill.  The ports, six or seven in number and encircling the lower dome, were slightly indented and white in color, giving the appearance of frosted glass.  No light shone

The object, about one foot above the transformer pole, was slowly circling it in a counter-clockwise movement.  After about four circuits, the object moved southeast, still remaining within the area of the farmyard, and descending to within three feet of the ground.  The UFO hovered in front of several abandoned automobiles for approximately five minutes.  (Mrs. Heggs noticed no visible exhaust and, later, found no evidence of melted snow in the area.)

Following this, the object rose up about 20 feet, or slightly higher than four nearby grain bins, and moved north, circling two parked tractors and several parked trucks and fuel tanks. The UFO then moved toward a well about 40 feet east of the farm house.  Mrs. Heggs had gone to a window on the east side of the house, and she saw that the object was about eight feet above the electric pump.  Frightened, she locked the door on that side of the house, then watched the UFO move toward a windbreak of trees.  It followed the windbreak north, rising somewhat, then veered to the left as it came to a row of trees north of the house.  At the center of this north windbreak, the main road enters the yard; the object, still nine to twelve feet above the ground, left the farm yard through this entrance keeping low and heading toward the north until it disappeared from view.  The entire episode had lasted approximately twenty minutes.

A short time later, Mrs. Heggs' husband returned home and found the door locked.  When his wife let him in, his first words were, "Woman, what has happened to you?"  He told the NICAP investigator his wife was "white as a sheet."  Mrs. Heggs reported that when she first saw the the UFO she noticed their dog cowering and lying in the snow, trying to cover its ears with its paws.  As soon as the object left, the dog attempted to get into the house. Sixteen head of cattle, running loose in the south central section of the farmyard, bolted when the object moved into the area, entering the cattle sheds, from which they did not emerge until at least a half-hour after the disappearance of the object.  The witness admitted that she had been badly shaken by the object's appearance, since she had been alone, except for her baby and pre-school son.

Keyhoe & Lore, 1969, UFO's:  A New Look   p. 11-12


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