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                                                             JAN 14, 1947

           Request for Report on Crashed P-51 National Guard Aircraft

           Commanding Officer
           315th AAFBU (Reserve Training)
           Godman Field, Kentucky

       1.  It has been brought to the attention of this office that an
  official report has been made regarding the National Guard P-51 air-
  craft that crashed as a result of chasing an unidentified object on
  7 January 1948.  Information contained in this report may contribute
  greatly in the accomplishment of intelligence investigations of un-
  identified flying objects, or so-called "flying discs".

       2.  It is requested, therefore, that a copy of this report be
  made available to this Command as soon as possible.


                                    H. M. McCOY
                                    Colonel, USAF
                                    Chief of Intelligence

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