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  STATE OF OHIO              )

                Before me, the undersigned Authority for administering oaths of

  this kind, personally appeared one James H. Hudson, Cpl, ASN 13220873

  who, being first duly sworn by me, disposes and says;

    The following information came over Plan 62:

         This observation was made in Kentucky at the scene of the P-51 crash with

  an 8" telescope:

         1.  Height, 4 miles.

         2.  Width, 43 feet.

         3.  Height of object, 100 feet.

         4.  Speed at time, 10 mph

         5.  Shape, Cone.

         6.  Color, red with green tail.

         This observation was taken at Godman Field, Kentucky, with a theolite:

         1854 CST.
         Elevation, 2.4 Azimuth 254.6

         1856 CST
         Elevation, 2.0 Azimuth 253.9

         1902 CST
         Elevation, 1.2 Azimuth 253.0

         1906 CST

         The following is my opinion:  The object is not a comet or star, but was man made.

    It was not a balloon, comet, star, aircraft of known type.  The light did not come from

    an aircraft's running lights.  The whole object appeared to be surrounded with a burning

    gas or something that gave a light.

                                 --  sketches --

         Further the deponent sayeth not,
                                                              JAMES H. HUDSON, Cpl

  Sworn to and subscribed before me this   20th   day of   January      , 1948

                                                            GEORGE W. HOHANNESS
                                                            Captain, USAF

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