Fact Sheet

February 1, 2014

Mark Rodeghier, CUFOS:
"There has been a significant reduction in cases involving potential physical evidence (Close Encounters of the Second Kind) and cases where a creature or humanoid is seen in conjunction with a UFO (Close Encounters of the Third Kind). This type of close encounter has almost vanished even though there were hundreds of such reports in the early years. Another significant change has been in the number of daylight sightings, which have decreased from about one-third years ago to just a few percent today. And finally, UFOs are much more commonly reported to be triangular or boomerang-shaped now, rather than the common disc that is the image of a UFO in the popular mind." (IUR_V30 No4, 2006)

Brad Sparks:
"Most of the world's cellphone camera operators are concentrated in about 4% of the earth's surface area (keeping in mind that most of the area of the planet is essentially uninhabited ocean).  The main areas of cellphone camera operators are concentrated in China, India, Europe and the US."

Fran Ridge:
The primary purpose of the MADAR Project is the placement of suitable devices in order to provide an Early Warning System for the presence of electromagnetic anomalies and increase the opportunities for visual target acquisition.   E-M effects are well-known and documented in over 500 cases associated with UFO sightings (CUFOS) and 185 E-M cases documented involving UFOs near aircraft (Dr. Richard Haines).  Over 250 incidents are listed on the NICAP site.  Eric Herr has tabulated 144 compass needle events.  Allowing trained observers to observe Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and record other scientific data by automatic & manually operated devices, especially cameras, is the primary goal of the MADAR Project.

Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automated Recording. 

The detection device is a small and very sensitive magnet variometer, electronically monitored, round-the-clock, by a stable, commercially-built photo-electric relay system & vertical light beam projection. The sensor movement pulse is used to perform two functions:
a)  Activate the Mode Control Panel so that other instruments can be turned on during an event.
b)  Indicate the fluxuation rate and duration of the anomaly

The heart of the MADAR event recorder system is the Mode Control Panel.  The following duties are performed by this panel:

a) Using a CVAT Quad security system and several camera inputs, the time of an event is recorded on-screen. The exact time-fix is obtained by demand with an audio feed with a DX-160 short wave from Fort Collins, Colorado (WWV) This replaces the out-dated Time of Actuation Indicator which was a "flashcard" digital clock automatically terminated at event time,

b) The DAS or Delayed Alarm Signal is a small but efficient electronic siren that alerts facility personnel of an event situation and is manually switched off. A video component of the DAS is a steady blue LED indicator bulb.

c) The PAS or Proximity Alarm Signal is a tone alert unit which pulses a beep tone activated by the actual sensor movement. This gives duration and fluxuation rate of disturbance. The visual backup component of the PAS is the PAI-Proximity Alarm Indicator, a flashing red LED light on the Mode Control Panel coinciding with the pulse signal, indicating disturbance is realtime.

d) An audio data recorder assimilates pulses from the MADAR Sensor, giving duration & flux-rate.

e) A computer operating 24/7 provides the E-M reading in either milligaus or microtesla derived from a
TES 1392 E-M Field meter and sends the video graphics through a digital to analog converter which displays the live reading images on Quad position 2. When personnel are alerted, the datalogging button is depressed on the TES 1392 and readings are stored on the device which later can be printed out or graphed with a time stamp.

f) The MADAR sensor's actual movement is monitored by a video camera mounted above the Magnet Variometer Cell Housing and displayed on Quad position 4.

f)  All data displayed on the Quad Monitor, including the time fix feed from Fort Collins, are recorded on a security system recorder, 24/7 and for up to one week. All tapes are archived for a suitable period before recycling and any event recorded is kept permanently on file for the record and analysis.

g) The  V-700 is a beta/gamma discriminating geiger counter linked to the Mode Control Panel and automatically activated. This device measures the radiation background in counts per minute and feeds the count pulses to a data recorder.

h) An aircraft and law enforcement frequency scanning monitor operates round-the-clock in the silent mode, out-put fed into a recorder upon activation of the event recorder systems.

i) The headquarters of the MADAR site, referred to as "The UFO Filter Center", will set up a list of volunteers for SKYWATCH, to be contacted for duty after an event. Air Route Traffic Control and law enforcement will be given our hotline to forward any calls they might get.

This web site page and procedure may be modified at any time.

Francis Ridge
The MADAR Project