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Weitzel to Powers 5/4/66                                     page 3

the UFO's behavior. They crossed the state line and continued from Ohio 14 onto Pa. 51. Someone radioed the Chippewa, Pa. State Patrol but no extra cars were available. While that radio operator was seeking help, he heard the cruisers, P-13 and OV-1 roar by. He looked out but apparently everything and everyone had disappeared down the road; he saw nothing. (Chippewa station is just off Pa. 51.)

When the Ravenna radio operator (Robert Wilson) realized learned from Lisbon (Orville Scarry, Columbiana County radio operator) that Spaur and Neff had reached the state line -- time on Lisbon log, 5:35 AM EST -- he advised that they return when another unit picked up the UFO. P-13 was now out of Portage radio range and communication was relayed through Lisbon. Unfortunately, no Pa. patrolman was contacted until they reached Conway.

5) Outside Rochester, Pa., steep hills rise on both sides of the road going southeast. It was here that the UFO elevated and disappeared. When Sparr, Neff and Huston approached Brady's Run Park, they encountered a treadle-triggered red traffic light set off by a Volkswagen leaving the park, and some trucks at the intersection. They got through this jam successfully, and negotiated some underpasses just outside Rochester. They had seen the UFO disappear over the hills, and were pessimistic about finding it again. But when they emerged from the bridge complex, there was the UFO, "waiting" for them over the road. It had dropped lower. As soon as they saw it, it sped away from them. They entered Freedom. At 5:50 AM EST, Lisbon logged this communication with Portage County: "What's the location of P-13?" "Just about into Freedom, Pa. Also OV-1 of East Palestine is running with him. Still observing the object. Bright light with a rope or string attached to it. 1500 to 2000 feet in height. Traveling at speed over 100 miles an hour." "Have him 25 and return to base." "OK."

At 5:55, Lisbon relayed the order to return to Portage. Spaur said "Turning around now." But it was 6:15 until Spaur and Neff got back (west) past Freedom. In the meantime, they, Huston, and Frank Panzanella of Conway Police, had watched the object while standing in an Atlantic service station on Rte. 51 in Conway.

6) As Spaur approached Conway, his engine began sucking air in high gear. Spaur realized he was running low on fuel. Just then he saw Panzanella's patrol car, and Panzanella standing outside, across the road. He turned around and pulled up there, with Huston. Panzanella admitted (he had not been about to) that he had been watching the object, had at first thought a plane was in trouble, and had come down from a hill in Conway to observe from the highway. He radioed the Rochester radio operator, who handles traffic for several local communities, to call the airport. Spaur states the position of the object was left of the Moon, below it. He also saw a bright stationary point to the right, "Just opposite to the nose of the man in the Moon." The object did not seem to be moving, but suddenly it elevated rapidly to a point just opposite the Moon (still left). When a voice on Panzanella's cruiser receiver announced that jets were (to be) involved ("They're sending two up"), the object again elevated rapidly and dwindled in size.

A Boeing 707 from the direction of the airport flew "under" it. Spaur was sure someone on the plane saw the object.

Spaur had not realized how far they had come, and was shocked when Panzanella told him how close the airport was.

At 6:15, Lisbon logged this from P-13: "Some government officials wants to talk to us. Advise my office. We are west of Freedom." At 7:30, Spaur thanked Lisbon for handling his traffic.

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