Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 12:02:32 +0000 (GMT)
Jean Waskiewicz <>
Subject: Transcript of FBI letter, Re: February 7, 1955; Knights Landing, California
To: Fran Ridge <>

SUBJECT: _________________________ DOB: 26 October 1919

1 ___________________________________________________________________ nia, called at the Edwards AFB OSI Detachment Office on 8 March 1955 and advised that he wished to report an instance of having seen a flying saucer on 7 February 1955.

2. Mr. ­­­­­ furnished for identification purposes an Honorable Discharge Certificate which indicated him to be a former First Sergeant Serial No. ­­­­­ ­­­_____ and discharged November 1955 from the U. S. Army. Additionally ______ displayed a temporary Student’s Permit No._____ issued 29 June 1952 by Civil Aeronautics Administration. Allender stated at the present time he had approximately 145 hours pilot time.

3. _____ advised that on 7 February 1955, while at ______ ranch at Knights Landing, California, at approximately 1630 hours, be observed, while looking north, a jet aircraft at altitude over 20,000 feet flying in a southerly direction. He advised that the sky was very clear and that the afore-mentioned jet was leaving a very heavy vapor trail. Almost immediately thereafter he noticed a second and third jet flying parallel to the first jet and headed in the same direction. He then looked down toward the horizon and noted an unidentified aircraft approximately three miles distance, from 2,500 to 4,000 feet altitude, with an approximate size of one and one-half times a B-36. He stated that this unidentified aircraft was in a vertical bank flying at an extremely high rate of speed. He opined that the speed of the unidentified aircraft was at least equivalent to the speed of the jets proceeding overhead. He looked above this aircraft and noted four more jets headed in the same southeasterly direction and almost parallel to the course taken by the three jets already sighted. A short time later all the jets converged and then assumed their parallel course continuing to fly in a southeasterly direction. At this moment he again noted the unidentified aircraft, which could be distinctly seen exhibiting a swept back wing configuration as it rolled out of a steep bank to a horizontal altitude. Thereafter the unidentified object commenced a vertical climb disappearing from view in an extremely short time. _____ stated that he heard absolutely no sound which was distinguishable. He further advised that _____ witnessed this incident. Approximately 12 seconds later he noticed a saucer like object appear above and slightly ahead of the jets. This object was at least 3,000 or 4,000 feet above the jets and giving a shiny aluminum like reflection and moving in approximately the same direction of the jets. Thereafter the object commenced a dive at approximately a 50° angle, at which time _____ lost sight of the object for a few seconds. While looking in a southerly direction a short time later he noticed the unidentified object materialize before his eyes at an altitude of 2,500 to 3,000 feet. He advised that this object resembled a huge wing in a complete slip as it descended.

4. _____ stated that this object then slowed down and in a hovering position horizontal to the ground commenced to move slowly away from him toward the south. As he watched the object move away from him it then began a vertical bank and rolled out to the horizontal and then commenced a vertical climb at which time the object took on its saucer like appearance again. _____ stated that this object went out of sight and then he noticed what he thought was the same object slightly east and above the jets, which were beginning to go out of sight. _____ stated the total surveillance time of the unidentified object was four or five minutes and that the object was in view in its various positions for a total time of two minutes. In conclusion _____ stated that this object had absolutely no markings and no distinguishable power source, although the area around the trailing edge of the wing seemed hazy and several slotted areas appeared therein.