Case Directory - Category: 1; Distant Sightings
Subject:    AFOSI Cases 42 to 45
Date:        March 27, 1949
Location:  Tucumcari, Montoya, NM

Francis Ridge:
6-6:30 PM incident. This report is not an original BB unknown but is listed in the Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns by Brad Sparks as case 159 and the La Paz catalog as case 42. Few details and docs hard to read, but here's Spark's BB summary:

March 27, 1949. Tucumcari (35°10' N, 103° 44' W), Montoya (35°6' N, 104°4' W), New Mexico. 6-6:30 p.m. Various witnesses, including police officer, postmaster (Montoya, N.M.), newspaper editor (Tucumcari Daily News), saw a contrail-like yellow­amber-orange object, length/width ratio 5:1, 1/6 moon's diameter, slowly moving from S (205° azimuth) to W (254° azimuth) at about 45°-60° elevation (75° at Montoya moving 180° to 260° azimuth), wiggling slightly, at first in a vertical orientation [?], dived steeply-leveled-climbed 2-3 times, reversed course once at top of a climb, a bright glitter of white light at a leveling off. No sound or trail. (FOIA) 
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