Case Directory - Category: 01; Distant Encounters
Subject:    AFOSI Case 7: Another Object in Verical Descent Explodes Near Colonel
Date:        November 23, 1948
Location:  Vaughn, NM

Francis Ridge:
This one is not listed in the original or the upgraded version of the Blue Book Unknowns by Brad Sparks. The information that we have accumulated comes from the Blue Book Microfilms. The following comes from the documents that also include the November 3 or 4th incident:

"On 23 November 1948 at approximately 2130 hours, I was driving west on Highway 60, about 10 miles west of Vaughn, New Mexico. I observed a ball of light, descending vertically, which burst 100-200 feet from the ground. The conditions and appearance were the same as occurred on 3-4 November.''

The document continues: "Colonel Hayes stated that he did not report the incidents as he thought they might have been connected with some Air Force exercises. He further stated that he heard no sound or saw no aircraft during either incident, which is understandable as he was travelling in a closed automobile.  Weather conditions were clear."

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