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The Betty & Barney Hill Case
Sept. 19, 1961
Nr. Indian Head, New Hampshire

Fran Ridge:
Sept. 19, 1961; Indian Head, New Hampshire
One of the first impressive abduction claims I became aware of was the Betty & Barney Hill case of 1961. This was a couple, most unusual as most such incidents seemed to involve one person. It also began with a visual sighting of an object by both witnesses, and a visual (with binoculars at close range) by Barney Hill of entities on board the craft. They later realized that more than an hour of time was 'lost' and noticed that the car had strange blotches on it. Betty reported it to Pease Air Force Base who confirmed that they had indeed tracked an unknown object around that time and location. Although a later Air College report, suggesting Project Blue Book should be re-opened was discovered and mentioned the radar trackings, the correlation is considered very weak at best. After regressive hypnosis they found that they had been taken onboard the UFO and had 'medical' tests performed on them. Betty also remembered being shown a 'star-map' of where the aliens came from. Under further hypnotic sessions they were able to re-create the star map which turned out to be very close to a known star system.  

Detailed reports and documents
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Journey Into The Hill Star Map - Marjorie Fish (MUFON UFO SYMPOSIUM 1974)
reports/610919hill_report1.pdf [First report to NICAP](Walter Webb/CUFOS Files)
reports/610919hill_report2.pdf [Final report to NICAP, 61 pages](Walter Webb/CUFOS Files)
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Radar Tracked UFO At Pease - Air College Report cited (CUFON) (You Tube, complete movie)
Betty Hill Star Map: The Zeta Reticuli Incident - Terence Dickinson - Dec 1994
Betty Hill Star Map: The Age of Nearby Stars - Jeffrey L. Kretsch
Excellent book: "The Interrupted Journey" (1966) - John G. Fuller
Audiotape of Betty Hill on CD-Rom with $5 donation to the NICAP Site

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