Trindade Island Case pages from the CUFOS site

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The Trindade Island Index (Originally from the CUFOS site) contained the following great files:  

The Trindade Isle Photographs by Jerry Clark
Simoes Letter 02/23/58
Fontes Letter 03/15/58

Menzel Letter 10/26/59

Menzel Letter 11/27/59

Hall Letter 12/07/59

McDonald Letter 12/12/59

APRO Trindade Article by Olavo Fontes Jan/Mar/May 1960

APRO IGY Photo Analysis by John Hopf May 1960

Lt. Col. Tacker Letter 07/08/60

Hall Letter 07/12/60

Lt. Col. Tacker Letter 07/14/60

Wanamaker Letter 08/26/60

Commander Brady Letter 10/10/60

APRO New Evidence on IGY Photos Jan. 1965

Trindade Revisited by Willy Smith

Correio da Manhã
Brazil Has A Secret
Map of UAO's Positions
UAO Approaches Island
UAO Nears Galo Crest
UAO Reappears From Desejado Peak
UAO Back Out to Sea

Trindade Island Photo Case Directory